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HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download

HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download

HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download

Reviews Printer– HP Deskjet F380 All-in-One is a moderate bundle, constrained to printing, examining, and replicating, and planned for light-obligation use in a home or home office. It gloats a low sticker and little size, yet there’s no fax modem and no programmed record feeder. Most critical, it’s stumbled by less than impressive yield quality and far more detestable velocity.

So in this post i will share about HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac Os X or Linux, and i will give you the download link driver for that’s printer but to more clearly link driver support for OS or available, you can see in the list of links that we have provided below, hopefully with this download link will facilitate you in your work in site Not Available.

The F380 measures a minimal 6.7 by 16.8 by 10.2 inches (HWD), making it sufficiently little that I’d be willing to impart a work area to it and It likewise makes a case for the sort of smooth great looks that fit pleasantly in a home or home-office setting, where stylistic theme matters. Setup is for the most part standard passage, yet with a fascinating turn I’ve seen in just a couple of AIOs: After you unite the force rope, burden paper, and burden the ink cartridges, the F380 prints an arrangement page. You then slap the page on the flatbed scanner, the F380 examines the page, and it utilizes what it sees to adjust the printheads. You can then run the mechanized setup routine and module the USB link.

I don’t anticipate that a $80 AIO will win any grants for rate, however the F380 does gravely notwithstanding at its cost range. I timed it at an aggregate 32 minutes 18 seconds on our business applications suite test (timed with QualityLogic’s equipment and programming, www.qualitylogic.com) and The relative velocity was far more detestable for photographs, with the F380 averaging 9:15 for every 4-by-6 and 24:10 for every 8-by-10. In examination, the PSC 1510 arrived at the midpoint of 1:21 and 3:06, separately, and the Dell 924 found the middle value of 1:14 and 2:42.

There’s one component here that can make the F380 somewhat speedier, at any rate for photographs. In the same way as other ink planes and it sends with a dark cartridge and a tricolor cartridge for printing with dark, cyan, yellow, and maroon. Be that as it may, you can supplant the dark cartridge with a photograph cartridge for printing photographs in six hues. Truth be told, each of the three of these AIOs can print with either four or six hues, and the rates in our tests are for six-shading printing. With the F380, on the other hand, there isn’t much distinction in photograph quality between the two modes. So you may sensibly decide to print solely with four hues—particularly since the print time is sliced down the middle, averaging 4:46 for every 4-by-6 and 12:07 for every 8-by-10. That is still far slower than the PSC 1510 and Dell 924, however it’s a major change over printing with six ink hues.

Given how moderate the F380 is, it might be ideal if the yield merited sitting tight for. In any case, the quality is worse than average for an ink plane, particularly for content and representation. The content is not a huge deal, in spite of the fact that it’s adequate to keep in touch with home with and More than a large portion of our test textual styles were effortlessly meaningful at 5 focuses, and some were effectively comprehensible at 4 focuses, despite the fact that edges were not as fresh as I’d like. Two intensely adapted textual styles with thick strokes couldn’t qualify as effortlessly decipherable even at 12 focuses. Indeed, even along these lines, the quality is adequate for things, for example, schoolwork or even business use, the length of you don’t have an irregular requirement for little text styles or demand fresh, clean characters to venture a completely expert picture.

Design quality is sufficient for inside business use, yet no better. More than some other printer I can recollect seeing as of late, the F380 tends to make slender lines vanish or transform them into dashed lines. I additionally saw some posterization (sudden changes in shading that ought to change easily). I surely wouldn’t hand the yield to a customer I was attempting to inspire.

Photograph quality is superior to anything content and representation in respect to other ink planes, with a few photographs drawing closer genuine photograph quality. Among different issues, be that as it may, I saw evident tints in a few photographs—white mists turning pink, for instance. Another issue is that, as is run of the mill with an ink plane printer, the photographs aren’t waterproof, even in the wake of drying, which means they’re alright for surrounding securely behind glass, however you wouldn’t have any desire to pass them around for individuals to take a gander at.

One special case to the HP Deskjet F380 All-In-One’s moderate methodology is that the scanner has an optical determination of 1,200 pixels for every inch, which is sufficiently high to give you a chance to sweep a photograph and augment it. Consolidated with the sensibly great photograph yield, this settles on it a conceivably decent decision in case you’re intrigued essentially in filtering and printing photographs, however it’s difficult to prescribe it general

HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download

System Requirements:
Mac Os X
Windows 8.1
Windows 8.1 (x64)
Windows 8
Windows 8 (x64)
Windows 7
Windows 7 (x64)
Windows Vista
Windows Vista (x64)
Windows XP
OS X v10.10
OS X v10.9
Mac OS X v10.8
Mac OS X v10.7


How to Install Printer Drivers
  • Enter the printer driver CD into the CD-ROOM or if it does not have to download a linked CD Driver downloads are provided in the article below.
  • Go to the Device Manager (Explorer -> right click Computer -> Manage -> Device Manage)
  • Select the device Printers, right-click the File Setup -> Update Driver Softwae
  • Select the second driver search; Browser my computer for driver software
  • The browser driver search locations, specify by selecting the CD-ROOM which already contains a CD or downloaded file in the link below and then click Next
  • If the file is found, it will display a description and location. By default usually selected the appropriate file. If so, please click Next to continue.
  • Just a moment to search the driver, if successful it will be notif; Windows has successfully updated your driver software
  • completed
Above is how to install the printer driver in winodws 8 for windows xp or windows 7 is not much different way.
HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download for Windows
Windows 8.1 x32 – Windows 8.1 x64
Windows 8 x32 – Windows 8 x64
Windows 7 x32 – Windows Vista x32 – Windows XP x32
Windows 7 x64 – Windows Vista x64 – Windows XP 64 x32

HP DeskJet F380 Printer Driver Download for Mac Os X
Mac OS X 10.9 – Mac OS X 10.8
Mac OS X 10.7 – Mac OS X 10.6 – Mac OS X 10.6


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