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Toshiba Satellite c640 Driver Download

Toshiba Satellite c640 Driver Download

Toshiba Satellite c640 Driver Download

Toshiba Satellite c640 Review– LAPTOP Toshiba Satellite C640 is a Variant produced by Toshiba laptop using speed GHz Intel Dual-Core P6100 Chips 2. The laptop became one of the most sought after by prospective customers because in addition to affordable prices are also quite reasonable and Toshiba offers a few options among other types of C640-1007U 1018U that have different prices and specifications. 1 GB RAM memory capacity can be expanded to 4 GB by adding to the slot provided in the casing of the Toshiba Satellite C640.

When normal use Toshiba Satellite C640 Pro can be used for 4 hours straight, but it’s good if we always remained close to the electrical connection plug the charger because it can extend battery life. The overall performance of Toshiba Satellite 640 quite short supply, Office affair can be conquered with ease. But when used for a graphic design that requires high processor has a laptop is not recommended.

Toshiba Satellite C640 laptop even though it’s been out for quite a while but interest users looking for info about this laptop is quite high and Comes with quality Toshiba Satellite C640 can be your choice for the task and daily work. You don’t have to worry if the want to travel with a laptop, because it weighs a fairly lightweight so lighten your load to carry this laptop when travelling.


At an affordable price Toshiba Satellite C640-1021U offers Dual-Core processor P6200 2,13 GHz speeds and RAM 1 GB DDR3 and you can perform multitasking as easily and smoothly.


This notebook also supported Wi-Fi connectivity (802 .11b/g/n) and Ethernet LAN 10/100 Mbps gives you easy way to connect to the internet anywhere and anytime.

Features Of Toshiba

With both software Toshiba Reeltime Toshiba Bulletin Board & assist you in Customizing Your files. Looking for the recently opened documents easier by Realtime Toshiba software and This software is looking for based on new files opened with the display simple and simple history.

Toshiba Satellite c640 Driver Download

  1. BIOS Update
  2. Bluetooth Filter Driver
  3. Bluetooth Stack
  4. Card Reader Controller
  5. Chip Set Utility
  6. Display ATI Driver
  7. Display Intel Driver
  8. Display nVidia Driver
  9. Intel Management Engine Interface
  10. LAN Driver
  11. Rapid Storage Technology Driver
  12. Sound ATI Driver
  13. Sound Conexant Driver
  14. Sound nVidia Driver
  15. TEMPRO
  16. Touch Pad Driver
  17. Webcam Driver
  18. Wireless LAN Indicator
  19. Wireless Lan Driver
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