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Resetter Canon MP230 Download

Resetter Canon MP230 Download

Resetter Canon MP230 Download

Canon PIXMA MP237 is an inexpensive multi-function printer that can do 3 ha at once, namely print, scan and copy so it is widely used. The existence of multi-function printer at a low price to attract prospective buyers. With three features in one affordable and valuable perangakat make this printer a lot of choice of printer users.
Because many are using the Canon MP237 printer, here I see will be many who need software resetter MP237 is currently experiencing errors

some of the problems experienced by Canon MP 237 printer is Erro 5B00

software resetter works to reset the chip embedded in the printer where the chip will record every printer do the printing when you do it

When the chip detects the maximum amount of printing has been reached, then the printer will perform the Canon MP 237 blinking so you have can not be used again to print or perform other work, this is where we need to make the printer resetter MP237 become normal again.

How to Use Service Tool Resetter Canon

Resetter Canon MP230 Download

Makes Stage MP237 Printer Into Service Mode
As always, to be able to reset Canon MP237 succeeds, the first step is that we must make canon printers into service mode. With the Service Mode condition we can reset the printer and following the steps.

  1. If the printer is on, turn the printer off by pressing the power button
  2. Once the printer is off, press and hold the STOP / RESET menggunakanakan one of your fingers followed by pressing the POWER button (second button in depressed position)
  3. Remove the finger pressing the STOP / RESET but you have to keep the power button press
  4. At the position of the POWER button is pressed, use another finger to press the STOP / RESET 6 times. Once you press the STOP / RESET 6 times please you release both buttons simultaneously.
  5. If you really do the above step to reset MP237, your computer should detect the presence of a new device, ignore it, because it’s a sign that you have successfully made the Canon MP237 you to the Service Mode.

Phase Reset Printer Canon MP 237

  1. Download Resetter Canon MP237 on the link below
  2. Extract and run reseter MP237 by clicking 2 times File Service tool v3400.exe
  3. Begin did run software reseter canon MP237
    the choice of Sub Tab Clear Ink Counter select Main
  4. On The Sub Tab Ink Absorber Counter select on the Main Menu
  5. Click EEPROM then the printer will print a piece of paper
  6. Turn off your favorite mp237 canon printer and restart the mp237 printer you might use again

Resetter Canon MP230 Download Software

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